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What it takes to create the Imagination Reef?

Contribute to the creation of the Imagination Reef

Select from a variety of materials and sizes.

Coral Boulders

two and three feet

Coral Rock Boulders

four feet

Florida Ancient Coral Blocks

2’X 5’x 5’

Marine Structural Piling

Florida Ancient Coral Rock

Florida Ancient Dry Rock is also known as Coral Rock, Ancient Coral, or Florida Limestone. Coral rock is the material that Florida is literally built upon. It is also a natural product used for reef-building in Aquaculture efforts in South Florida and the Florida Keys. This limestone is the industry standard for reef-building.

Ancient Coral Rock Boulders

The fastest way to create what would look like a natural reef is to start with giant boulders of ancient coral rock. After all, it was the beginning of our reefs long ago.

Concrete Marine Piling

The marine piling needed for the completion of the Imagination is over 10,000 linear feet of material.  Installation of the piling requires a tremendous amount of physical labor to form the outline of the words “PROTECT THE OCEANS and SAVE OUR REEFS.”

In addition to outlining all of the letters in the Project, the piling will serve as anchoring locations for supporting the individual placement of coral trees. These coral trees will line the piling while serving as valuable eco-laboratories for our marine biologists.

Elkhorn Coral Tree
Staghorn Coral Tree

Live Rock Seeding

Adding Live Rock to the Imagination Reef

We are seeking approval from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to allow us to seed the Dry Rock boulder areas with Live Rock from the Reef Builders offshore Aquaculture sites in Islamorada, Florida. Currently, they are in a protective position to prevent the spreading of the coral disease endemic in the Florida Keys. It is expected that this will pass in time. Should our request be granted, it is our intention to seed the Dry Rock in the Project with the 20-year-old cultured Live Rock to accelerate the development of the reef. Seeding Imagination Reef with Live Rock will dramatically accelerate the time it takes to cover the Project with marine growth.

Other Structures and Naming Opportunities


There are ten massive Monuments available for corporate sponsorship. These are custom creations, in honor of some of humanity’s greatest oceanic heroes. Ask about how you can sponsor these larger-than-life testaments to marine preservation.  Has your organization given back? Please consider the project.

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, 
long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”

Join us at The Imagination Reef Project and help us build the coral reefs of the future.

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