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The Project

Where is it?


The creation of artificial reefs is not new. There are bad projects like the old tire project, good projects like ships to sea, and there are great projects like our Atlantis Reef Project. With the addition of the Imagination Reef Project, to be located three miles offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida, we take a bold step towards reef development through individual initiatives. The Imagination Reef Project will be built forty feet below the surface, on a sandy bottom that is now without any measurable seagrass, fish habitat or hard bottom.

Soon to be the largest underwater restoration and education focused man-made reef, Imagination Reef is all about sending a message to the world Protect The Oceans and Save Our Reefs. The oceans and reefs favor biological productivity and enhancing the population of fish and invertebrates. Man-made reefs, more commonly known as artificial reefs, have the power to attract marine life by offering a habitat using certain land side materials as a foundation for creating life. They provide shelter for marine life and fishes but also as a valuable reproduction reservoir which can recreate a whole ecosystem in biologically depleted zones.

Imagination Reef is working towards providing educational institutions a platform for an underwater research experience in a natural environmental location to contribute to and assist in the development and grooming of future Marine Biologists. This will be accomplished by building and providing access to the largest shared man-made underwater Classroom and Research opportunity ever created. Imagination Reef will assist us in understanding, developing and acting upon and learning new techniques that will help protect and create ocean environments.

What will it do?


In-situ (‘on-site’, ‘in place’) conservation is a set of conservation techniques involving the designation, management and monitoring of biodiversity in the same area where it is encountered. Ex-situ (‘off-site’) conservation techniques are implemented away from the conservation target’s natural habitat. While the identification of ex-situ initiatives leaves little room for ambiguity.


Why support it?


An ecological catastrophe has also been unfolding on our reefs. During the last four decades, Florida’s indigenous corals have declined in some areas by more than 90 percent, with some species losing more than 97 percent of their populations.

A bold restoration program to actively assist the recovery of this ecosystem is essential, and we are closer than ever to amassing the scientific knowledge, technological tools and public investment and support needed to make reef restoration a reality

The most important donations to the man-made reef program are those from individuals, agencies, corporations, and foundations. Your generous donation is fully tax-deductible and will contribute directly to creating the largest marine life educational underwater classroom and man-made reef ever created and offered nationwide.

Your generous support will provide for the equipment and materials necessary for the educational institutions and students taking part in this project.

Imagination Reef will enjoy a relationship with 501C3 Nonprofits for additional dive team support, educational development, and fundraising.

The Imagination Reef Project is a bold restoration project and more.

It is a restoration effort in natural form, supported by education and public interest using the perfect reef building materials. We hope you take time to follow us on social media and watch this project come to life.

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