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Reef Builders International

Reef Builders International has been authorized to begin construction of the Imagination Reef Project in the waters offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida. The authorization to build granted in 2021 and conditioned on our fulfillment of the terms of the Army Corps of Engineers permit granted to the Department of Environmental Resources Management of Miami Dade, Florida. Reef Builders has operated under the same conditions in the past.

This Artificial Reef construction project requires the movement of over twenty thousand tons of Ancient Florida Limestone Coral Rock, 3D printed marine habitats, and twelve thousand lineal feet of Marine piling three miles offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida. These materials are highly conducive to the settlement and creation of marine life on an estimated five hundred thousand square feet of surface area for natural attachment and grafting of hard corals.

We are excited to be collaborating with Student Marine Biologists and Professors to do our part to save coral reefs from the harmful effects of climate change. We are excited to be using laboratory produced assisted evolution resilient corals able to withstand increases in ocean temperatures and acidification. 

This Reef sends an iconic message to the world. The words “Protect The Oceans” and “Save Our Reefs” will cover over 10.7 acres of the ocean floor.

Our work and this creation will indeed become the most visited dive site in the State of Florida, adding millions of tourism dollars and hundreds of new jobs to Florida’s economy.

Our goal is building the Imagination Reef to assist the rising talent in Marine Biology at colleges and universities to study reef restoration and ways to mitigate the harmful effects of temperature and acidification.

The concept of the journey from Cremation to Creation is a big part of the afterlife experience.  As part of the reef, a person’s cremated remains are placed inside a 4,000-pound ancient Florida coral rock boulder and sealed for eternity. At the Imagination Reef, it is not necessary to mix cremated remains with cement for placement.  Ao our memorial, individuals can select to have us scatter some cremated remains in the Atlantic Oceans’ Gulf Stream to journey as they will in total freedom. That person has already contributed 4,000 pounds of perfect artificial reef material and over fifty square feet of surface material to the creation of life as a legacy.  Families and individuals will know that their loved ones will be surrounded by living creatures like fish, soft corals, hard corals, and more forever at this Project.

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