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The Ultimate Underwater Memorial for Cremated Remains

From Cremation to Creation, The Circle of Life is here.

The Imagination reef is an artificial reef and Underwater Memorial for cremated remains.
Rest In Peace.
Become part of a 12-acre colorful coral reef and leave a legacy after life on earth.

About Us

Reef Builders International is authorized to begin construction of the Imagination Reef Project in the waters offshore of Key Biscayne, Florida, in 2021.  The authorization is conditioned on our fulfillment of the terms of the Army Corps permit granted to the Department of Environmental Resources Management of Miami Dade, Florida.  This Artificial Reef construction project requires the movement of thousands of tons of Ancient Florida Coral Rock and Marine piling. These materials are highly conducive to the creation of marine life on their surfaces.

As an underwater memorial reef, the concept of the Imagination Reef is beyond compare.  As a memorial site, the Project is perfect for people searching for a unique option for their loved one’s final resting place. It is ideal for those who love the ocean and seek a meaningful solution for placement and a final destination of Cremated Remains.

This Reef sends an iconic message to the world. The words, Protect The Oceans and Save Our Reefs will cover over 10.7 acres of the ocean floor. This creation will indeed become the most visited dive site in the State of Florida, adding millions of tourism dollars and hundreds of new jobs to Florida’s economy.

Our goal is to bring people who love the oceans, reefs, and water activities seeking a final resting place for loved ones together in a reef dedicated to that purpose.

At the end of it all, The Imagination Reef will surely be the world’s most incredible underwater memorial option for Cremated Remains, Education, and Conservation.

Reef Builders Imagination Reef Project
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Dive in, the water’s fine!